We all know that familiar feeling of joining the job hunt. You’re needing employment but don’t want to settle for a job you don’t really love. Maybe you’re in career transition and looking to start something new, or maybe you just need a position that pays the bills. Whatever the case may be, job hunting isn’t most people’s ideal way to spend their days. But with a few tips, you can take out the stress and quickly be on your way to your new position.


Reach Out to Companies you Like

You’re never going to find a job if you just wait for positions to become available all the time. Sometimes you have to actually reach out and make that connection on your own. Make a list of companies you admire or would like to work for, and send them an email to introduce yourself and express interest in working there.

Quality over Quantity

If you just mass-blast out tons of cover letters and resumes to companies, chances are slimmer that you’re going to hear anything back. The best strategy is to focus on quality and really put your heart and soul into each application and cover letter. Let them know that you understand about their company and why you’re interested in working specifically for them.

Use Classifieds

Classified job websites can be a great tool in your job search. You can search in many different categories, so you might find a position that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. It’s a great way to get in touch with a wide variety of people and get a feel for the types of jobs out there in the market. You can use classified sites for so many things: buying, selling and job hunting. To make a little extra cash during your job hunt, sell things you don’t need anymore. If you have some clothing, DVDs or other items to get rid of, you have something at home you want to get rid of, you can sell it online here before continuing on with your job hunt.