Everybody knows that when you travel, you should keep a heightened sense of awareness. When you’re away from home and on the go, you may encounter new situations which can sometimes be dangerous or detrimental to yourself or your belongings. If you’re someone who travels with high-tech equipment, you need to be even more aware of what’s going on so you can protect your expensive belongings. Traveling with laptops, mobile phones and cameras is so commonplace these days, as people are working and traveling at the same time. However these types of people can be vulnerable to theft as well as loss of their items, or breakage due to the transient circumstances. It’s imperative to take even greater care than normal to ensure that you don’t have a very unfortunate event in which you have to replace your equipment when traveling. Follow these tips to stay safe and happy when traveling with your tech toys.


Keep it locked up

Whenever you have the chance, keep your expensive tech equipment locked up. If you have a private hotel room, always lock the door, even if you’re just going out for a few minutes. Ask if you can even have a private locker inside your room. And if you’re traveling and staying in hostels, you should be provided with a locker of your own. Always keep your things locked up. It is just a face that theft is so common among travelers, especially when there are just high-value items all over the place. Leaving your laptop on your bed in a hostel dorm is just asking for it to be stolen. So just use common sense and keep your things secured.

Back up your data

In the worst case situation that your laptop or phone is lost or stolen, you’ll be a lot less upset if you haven’t lost all of your important data. So make sure to back up your data before you go. You can back up your data using big data ETL, which will ensure the safety of your data in the cloud. When you back up to the cloud, you don’t have to deal with the physical external hard drive (another item which could potentially be stolen!) Using this system, you can back up as you go so you’ll never have to worry about losing important data.

Keep things in the same place

It’s not only theft that causes some people to lose their expensive equipment. When you’re traveling around so much, it can be easy to misplace important things- which can be very upsetting. Losing your tech equipment can be devastating, especially if you use it for work. So minimize this risk by making a habit of always keeping your laptop, camera, phone, tablet and other important equipment in the same places. Put them in the same pouch in your bags every time, and do the same with your chargers because if you lose these, it’s hard to find the correct charger in a foreign country!