PDFs have been the standard magazine format of choice for a very long time and the usefulness of the format is without question, but are they actually outdated now? My conclusions seem to suggest yes, especially when you consider the advantages of flipbooks and the kind of advantages that they have over PDFS. So let’s look at this a little bit further.

What are flipbooks

Flipbooks are interactive ebooks that are very similar to magazines in terms of their format. They are interactive because the pages turn and you can interact with them in many different ways, which only means a great experience for the person reading them.

What makes them so great

In comparison to PDFs, flipbooks have a number of features that mean that they have a level of interactivity that PDFs simply cannot match. For example, I already mentioned the fact that they have pages that “turn”, but this also means that they are by nature easier to read because they are in a newspaper/magazine format with two open pages. PDFs in comparison, can only be read one page at a time. Flipbooks also offer the possibility to easily zoom in on photos, without having to click on separate tools. Having “galleries” is also a possibility and you can easily flip through photos individually in a large size without having to endlessly scroll through them all like you would in a PDF.

Flipbooks are also very useful in the fact that they are media rich and this means that you can take advantage of GIFs, videos, songs and other media that can only enhance the experience of the person reading the flipbook.

Creating flipbooks

Flipbooks are very easy to create and you can even use existing PDF content, which you can enhance with any of the rich features that we talked about above. This means that you can convert all your existing PDFs into easy to use and interactive flipbooks. There are a number of options available in order to do this.


Flipbooks are definitely the future and the natural evolution of PDF. While PDFs are useful, they are certainly becoming outdated and flipbooks will only become more and more interactive. Only time will tell what will happen next.
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