With all markets becoming increasingly competitive, businesses are looking for the edge over their competitors to gain more customers. Businesses are now using the internet in order to attract more customers, one of the most popular ways to increase your customer base is to use video. This allows you to deliver your message clearly to your customers, it also allows you to be creative and inventive. If you’re interested in increasing your customer base this company makes great videos. There are a number of cases where companies have used celebrities in videos, that video has then gone viral on the internet with millions of people viewing it – this kind of attention is worth it’s weight in gold! Small business owners might question if they can afford to create a video for marketing purposes, the answer would be that it is available for every budget. Nearly every company that uses video as part of it’s marketing strategy sees a benefit, their sales and customer base increases. Here are three of the best reasons for businesses to start using video as part of their advertising campaigns.video-marketing-the-kool-source

Build your brand

As mentioned above, the internet is now one of the largest platforms for businesses to advertise on. This platform will only increase in importance in the future. The beauty of using the internet is that you can constantly change your message and your content, this means that it will attract more potential viewers because the content is fresh. When you post a video online everyone who views the video is able to share it on a number of different platforms, the company itself can also share the video. You don’t just have to have your video on youtube, you can also share it on a number of social networks. This will then give more access to your video, allow more people to share it with their friends and ultimately increase your customer base.

A great way to put your product out there

When customers watch a video produced by a company, they are effectively being directly spoken to by the company. You will be able to produce a short video about your latest product, talking about the benefits and attributes of your company. A video is so much more powerful than a simple advert in a newspaper or on a website. Video is the best way to let customers know about your products and your company.

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Spend less money and reach much more people

If you are a small business then you probably do not have a massive marketing budget available to you. When it comes to marketing you have to ‘box clever’ and get the most bang for your buck. It almost seems outrageous that with a small budget a company will be able to potentially reach millions of customers world wide – this is the beauty of using video. Reaching millions of people is very possible if you are able to produce several good quality videos and then post them on the correct sites. Videos provide you with a cost effective method of advertising as opposed to the more costly and less effective traditional methods.

If you want to get ahead then you need to start producing videos for you business, if you do this then you will reap the rewards.