The Magento ecommerce platform powers around a third of all online retail websites, despite only being launched in 2008. Its popularity is largely down to the fact that it simply does everything – there is no need to mix and match products, providers or services to get the ecommerce site that is right for your business. However this is a disadvantage if left in the wrong hands as the platform can become a resource hog with issues relating to performance optimisation, simply because it is ‘trying to do everything.’

Magento Hosting

One way businesses can get the most out of Magento is by using a managed hosting provider. This is an option that allows a third-party host to manage the platform for a company, freeing up internal resources to focus on other aspects of the business. Magento hosting reduces the need for in-house system engineers to deal with capacity and issues with traffic spikes. Outsourcing such expertise is seen to increase the overall performance of an ecommerce site by utilising an infrastructure specifically designed for the task.

Magento is still relatively new and as an open source platform can pose challenges to those with little experience of it. When choosing a Magento host it is important to look at your potential partners’ relationship with the platform. Are they a recognised Magento Hosting Partner? How long have they been offering hosting? Do they have other similar clients and will they be using a specific Magento server?

Managing Demanding Requirements

Magento performs best on an infrastructure that is designed specifically to meet its demanding requirements. Magento servers are built specifically for ecommerce hosting. They utilise the fastest networks and a team of ecommerce experts. These servers and expert resources ensure the optimum performance of your site, at all times.

The benefits of managed hosted sites are unrivalled. The optimised infrastructure, coupled with load-balancing features enable ecommerce businesses to offer the best possible experience to online shoppers, regardless of sudden spikes in traffic or prolonged high levels of visitors.

Peace of Mind Security & Support

Customer security is a key issue for online retailers and managed hosting can offer significant security benefits. PCI DSS is the industry standard in terms of processing secure payments, and a managed hosting provider can help accelerate/maintain your compliance, leaving you to focus on other aspects of the business.

Magento hosts also offer 24/7 dedicated support to ensure your ecommerce solution runs smoothly and securely with minimal downtime. This removes the need to hire or train in-house experts and leaves you safe in the knowledge that the day-to-day management of your website is in safe hands.

Finally, dashboards and analysis tools used by managed hosts can be utilised to identify trends in your business or places where improvements need to be made. This vital data can be essential in giving your business a competitive edge over others… when used effectively.

Magento certainly has the edge in terms of functionality over many other ecommerce platforms, however when it comes to complex tasks or sites with demanding users, performance can be an issue. Magento hosting is the ideal solution offering the ease of use, peace of mind and flexibility of a platform that performs immaculately and securely as a dedicated host for your unique business requirements.