Many people have experienced that feeling of dread when their printer displays the ‘toner empty’ message. This usually happens when the admin assistant is out of the office and or you’re in a hurry at home and there’s no one else who can help.

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A printer cannot function without toner. If you have recently bought a replacement toner from Phoenix Direct or any other outlet, you’ll need to know how to insert it so that your machine can start printing again. Even if your printer doesn’t have any instructions here are a few tips to bring your printer back to life.


1. Remove old toner 

First of all remove the old toner. Make sure that none of the particles fall into the machine as this can clog it up. If some stray particles do fall into the machine, ensure that you clean off this debris with an alcohol wipe. Toners are toxic, so make sure that you dispose of the toner in a responsible fashion and wash your hands thoroughly.


2. Let your printer cool down

If your printer has been working for several hours previously, be aware that the inside of the machine may be hot. This applies to the area known as the fuser, which is clearly labelled. Switch off your printer until it has cooled down. You should check online that you have bought the correct toner cartridge for your particular model of printer too.


3. Remove the cartridge 

You can usually remove the redundant toner cartridge by opening the printer and then releasing the toner cartridge by either pressing a tab or holding down a release button that’s usually placed to the side of the cartridge. You’ll be able to lift up the cartridge as soon as it is free from its carriage.


4. Fit the new cartridge

Remember to keep the new cartridge within its plastic protection bag until you are ready to insert it into your printer. Gently shake the toner so that the product is distributed evenly within its cartridge.

Once you’ve carried out this procedure take the cartridge from the plastic bag and pull the coloured tab at the base of the cartridge. When replacing the toner try not to come into contact with the drum at the base of the print cartridge. The toner should sit quite comfortably in its position on top of the drum without you having to touch it.


5. Secure the cartridge

If your printer has a locking cradle, make sure that your new cartridge is securely placed in the cradle. This will allow the new toner to be secured in the correct place. Never force this process, the levers in the printer should allow you to slip the toner on top of the drum without any hardship.

Once the new toner is installed, carry out a test exercise and print up a couple of sheets of paper in order to check that all is running smoothly and that the printer is correctly aligned.