Antarctica is one of the most interesting places on the entire earth, I have never been to a place like it before and that is saying a lot. I think that this makes travel to Antarctica all the more unique. But what are the things that make travel to Antarctica so interesting and amazing? Read on to find out the answer to this very interesting question.

It is a desert

Believe it or not, Antarctica is actually a desert! This may sound counter intuitive given that it has so much snow and ice, but there is actually less rainfall than the Sahara desert. As a result of this, the continent is rather dry and the snow just piles up rather than causing any moisture!

It changes in size

Antarctica happens to be the fifth largest continent, but the size of it changes with the seasons. This is the case due to the ice that forms along the coast, effectively doubling the size of the continent! Most of the continent is actually covered with ice and less than half a percent is free of ice. This is totally unlike anywhere else in the entire world and it actually forms 90% of the ice on the entire planet.

The climate

Of course we all know that the climate is harsh, but what exactly does that mean? Antarctica experiences terrifying blizzards with winds that can reach over 300 kilometres per hour. The seasons are of course reversed, due to it being in the Southern Hemisphere. It has the coldest temperatures on earth. To put this into perspective a temperature of -89 degrees Celsius was recorded the Russian Vostok station!

The size

The continent itself extremely big and to give you some perspective it is one and half times the size of the USA. This is a huge and makes the vast wilderness that is all the more unique. The continent has two regions that are known as East and West Antarctica. The eastern part is about the size of Australia!

The landscape

One of the greatest attractions of Antarctica is the ice itself, especially with the cracking and changing nature of it. The glaciers form vast field of ice that are absolutely endless and beautiful. The crevasses on the deep sheets of ice are a wonder to see and the icebergs which break off and form in the sea are also something that you won’t see anywhere else.

It has unique wildlife

Of course the continent with the most unique climate must also have some pretty unique wildlife to go with it. There aren’t plants like other places on earth, but rather moss, lichen and algae. These are the only forms of plant life that can actually survive here! In terms of animals there are an abundance of penguins that are a huge attraction to this wonderful place. There are also many types of whales, seals and other animals that inhabit the continent too.