With so much mail now being digitized it has almost been forgotten that there still exists an actual person to person mail service industry. As you know, computers can be temperamental things and how many times has mail you think you have sent disappears into cyberspace never to be seen again. This can be especially frustrating for business owners if was an invoice or an important order for business supplies. But of course, some items cannot be sent digitally and require the services of a mailing company, and did you know that your computer comes in handy for tracking your packages.


            The biggest advantage of being able to track your mail is that you know exactly where the parcel is at any time of the day or night, so even oversea packages can be followed online by simply typing in the tracking number, also called an IMB, or Intelligent Mail Barcode. Being able to follow your mail offers another advantage in that it allows you to plan document or parcel delivery times and days. If the mailing item needs to arrive on a specific date then you can decide whether to send express service or whether it can go via regular mail.

Another advantage of IMB mail processing is that it can reduce the risk of fraud or packages going missing because it has to be signed for at the point of delivery and high value packages can be insured. Imagine you are sending a passport to be renewed or sensitive financial information such as PIN number for bank accounts. These are items you don’t want to be landing in the hands of criminals. By attaching A4 sticky labels to the package also you can be sure that your intended address is reached without the label falling off. These can be bought in bulk from suppliers and simply put through your computer printer with the required details firmly attached.

So, as you can see, although the computer is now used for most business transactions the postal service still has a part to play in the delivery of your important packages and items, and by utilizing an IMB you can keep an eye on your packages wherever they might be in the world.