Creating a marketing plan is no easy feat, but having a basic outline of what you would like to reach and what you actually want to achieve are some important steps when it comes to marketing your business and determining your direction according to Jonathan Fine, a marketing strategist at Breathe Business. Read on to find out more about the steps involved in creating a simple marketing plan.

Look at your current situation

The first step is looking at your company, and what it has to offer in terms of products and services. It is important to have a clear view of what this and to look at your competition and what actually sets you apart from one another. Having a good view of your strengths and weaknesses and those of others is also an important consideration of looking at your current situation.

Target audience

These are two of the most important words in marketing, because if you can’t identify who your target audience is, then you are most likely in trouble. You need to look at the particular aspects of your target market, for example, the age of your customers, their gender, their family situation and many other aspects. Having a good idea of these things will give you a better idea of channels in which you can market to.


The most important aspect of making any marketing plan is to actually identify what your goals are of the plan, so it is a great idea to make a short and sharp list of what you really want to achieve, but don’t over complicate it. For example, wanting to increase your sales. Goals need to be measurable, so that you can gauge the success of your marketing strategy.

Develop strategies and tactics

This is perhaps the most important reason for having a marketing plan in the first place, because once you have looked at all the previous steps it is time to get into the actual strategies and tactics that will validate your marketing plan and bring it to life. These strategies and tactics aim to focus on your target audience, but also to reach them in new ways. Examples of these are things as simple as posting on blogs about your goods or services, or more complicated strategies like paying for search engine advertising.  
The final step of any marketing plan is to decide which strategies are viable within your given budget and ultimately to go for the most effective solutions.