The smartphone revolution has changed so much about life and sports apps are no exception. You never have to miss out on results and you can do things like play  almost anywhere. The quality of these apps is great and you can really interact with things like live score updates, notifications, streaming, replays, high resolution images and so much more. This guide will talk a little bit more about just some of the great sports apps that you need to have in 2016.


WSOP is a great choice for the lover of poker. It provides all the great features of the World Series of Poker website, the WSOP app offers 24/7 access to poker games and customer support. Players have access to Texas Hold’em games, freerolls, Sit n GO and multi table tournaments. The app offers side action such as slots and blackjack . The best thing is that you can even play mobile poker on the go on your phone or tablet.


Everybody knows the sports channel and its quality programming, but there is also an ESPN app for iOS and Android, that provides up to date information on most any sport, as well as breaking news in the sports world. The app is great for those looking to create a personalised stream of their favourite sports, and getting information on all of these. The app is tailored to what you want to hear and see, which is great, especially with the huge number of sports covered by ESPN.


This is another app that is available for Android and iOS and is great for providing live game updates, statistics and news from the sports world. One of the best features is the built in event calendar, which lets you see a timeline of all events (past and upcoming) and . This app is sure to keep even the biggest statistics junkie happy, especially with notifications and easy social sharing.

Yahoo Sports

Remember the Android Sportacular, well Yahoo Sports is the latest incarnation of this great app and is a great way to get all the latest statistics, news and up to date results for all your favourite sports. The highlights of the app are definitely the extremely detailed information that you can get about players, teams and particular games. Another strong point of the app is customised notifications, especially because you are seeing only the things that you want to see. This app is great for anyone looking at experiencing sport on the go. 

Thuuz Sports

This is another great app that is also available for iOS and Android and will ensure that you are up-to-date with all the latest in everything sport. The app allows you to see where you can actually watch all the events, whether it is live streaming websites, or on particular channels. This is particularly useful when deciding how you will watch your next game. Of course the app also provides great customized notifications for all your sport needs.