2013 was a great year for technology. We saw the release of two next generation game consoles and became exposed to the idea of curved televisions. It’s ambitious to say, but I believe 2014 will be even better. Will curved mobile phones and wearable tech be the future? Or will they just be another fad that falls off the grid come 2015.

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What to Expect in 2014

Google Glass is the big one and I am sure you have heard of it. Google Glass see’s you wear a pair of futuristic looking glasses which allow you to take pictures, video and check your social media; all right in front of your eye. The item is set to cost around a steep £600-£700 and has already faced difficulty prior launch. It is said Google employees have stopped wearing the devices purely as it was an inconvenience. If the inventors aren’t wearing them, who will be?

I discovered the other day that a contact lens has been invented that allows you to view your social media profiles and emails. With a stagnant Facebook profile such as mine, I would find this type of wearable tech extremely impairing and frustrating. Furthermore, it’s dangerous! How could you tell one was being worn whilst driving?

Computers nowadays seem like old and boring technology. The release of the single board computer, raspberry pi model b available online, over a year ago, proved that there is still life and exploration in the tech. There’s a whole list of things you can do with one of these gadgets, and I think 2014 will see the popularity of them rise. They are perfectly small and great for anyone with that investigative flare and a great introduction to the world of programming.


Here is one for you fitness buffs. The LG Lifeband Touch tracks your activity, features a touchscreen and notifies you when you have had a call or text via bluetooth! It is sleek, comes in three stylish colours and sounds like an absolute haven for a fitness guru. There is other wearable fitness gear, but nothing seems quite as ingenious. I suppose it is quite similar to the Samsung Smartwatch but not quite as stupid looking.

2014 may just be the year wearable tech breaks through the market and becomes the norm. Google Glass’s launch will determine the way the industry goes due to the large amount that has been invested into their marketing. Personally, I will choose not to be an early adopter and that’s mainly because I don’t feel like they will succeed in the longterm.